Travel directions

By air and car

Most flights arrive in Athens Eleftheros Venizelos Airport. Here, it takes about 200 km to reach Temeni or about 2:30 by the highway.

Some charters arrive at Araxos a military airport that serves the city of Patras, which is 70 km away from Temeni. Beware however odd hours.

By air and train

On arriving at Athens airport, you can get on the train to Kiato (70 km Temeni). Kiato we can possibly ensure your transfer.
The line will arrive soon to Aigion, which will be even easier for everyone (early 2016?)

By ferry from Italy

Ferries depart from Venice or Ancona (recommended) in Italy and arrived in Greece Igoumenitsa (300 km) and Patras (40 km-recommended) Depending on whether you choose to take a cabine, seat type "airplane", according to your travel dates, and if you book early in the year, prices can be very interesting. In addition, you save the cost of the rental car since you have your own vehicle.

Tickets - Car rental

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