Wider region

Places to see

The wider area of Aigio allies sea and mountains into magnificent landscapes. On the coast, around Aigio there are the villages of Temeni, Valimitika, Digeliotika, Abbythos, Selianitika...

In the mountains, only a few km away from Aigion, you can discover Paraskevi, Pteri, Mavriki or Pyrgaki.You will be surprised by the variety of landscapes that the area offers. Many monasteries like Taxiarchon or Aghios Ioannis are worth the visit.

A small train that climbs up the mountain takes you from Diakopto to Kalavryta through beautiful gorges. You can go around this city and learn about it’s tormented History (Martyr city from WWII) and then go to the caves of Castri.
At Plataniotissa, 40 km away at the mountain, you could admire a church inside a huge plane tree!

At this part of Greece you will be slowed down by a flock of sheeps or goats, you will taste the Greek coffee at the kafeneon on the villages’ squares, you will be welcomed with the well-known Greek hospitality. You will be in a region forgotten by tourists where even if we don’t speak the same language we communicate anyway, using gestures and smiles!

Visits we suggest in the region:

  • Traditional villages of Paraskevi, Pteri
  • Plataniotissa and its chapel in the plane tree
  • The lake of Tsivlos near Akrata
  • The Aghios Ioannis or Taxiarchon monasteries
  • The Trizonia island in the Corinth gulf
  • Kalavrita, the chain train from Diakofto, the Monasteries of Mega Spileo and Aghia Lavra
  • Heraion cape