Daily excursions

As you can see on the map Temeni is ideally located in a strategic region for visiting the most famous archaeological sites, Athens, Corinth, Epidaurus and Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi.



On the other side of the Corinth gulf, on the mount Parnassos you can visit the Apollo sanctuary where Pythia said the oracles. Magnificent landscapes, history and an impressive museum. You cross the gulf either by ferry nor by the Rio-Antirio bridge and you can come back on the old national road which is very graphical and full of greenery.


On the South-East of Corinth this region is very rich: you can visit Mycenae, the city where the War of Troie started, Nauplio, the first capital of modern Greece, Epidaurus and the Antic Theater that possesses the best acoustics in the world. But it is also a region with many vineyards which produce a great wine.


An excursion that is much appreciated by person of any age, by history fans and sports fans. Here were the Ancient Olympic Games took place, the museum exhibits magnificent pieces of history. But most of all what everyone prefers is to run in the ancient stadium like the athletes of Ancient Greece.


The Greek capital is only two hours from Temeni and you can visit the famous Parthenon on the Acropolis and its brand new museum, you can walk around at Plaka, watch the ‘Euzones’, the national guards changing the guard.


At only 100 km from Temeni, you can visit the ancient city, the Venetian fortress, the Heraion cape or the ruins that go down to a creek... And we must not forget the Corinth canal.

Other excursions

From Temeni it is also possible to schedule an excursion to the islands of Hydra or Spetses, or to Meteora, the Thessaly region known for its monasteries built on huge rocks.

We will be happy to advise you for your daily trips: help you with the road and give you tips about taverns and different ways of going and coming back.